Monday, April 28, 2008

Small Victories @ the Track

I've posted before that I'm doing a run/walk combination as I start back up. Today I ran 3 miles - no walk breaks. When I say ran - I mean RAN! I walked .25 to warm up but then ran the 3 miles and then cooled down with a walk too. I had to stop after the first mile to put Q's big bouncy ball away as the wind was fierce and it was blowing all over the track, but that was such a quick break I'm not counting it! LOL. I felt really great about the run even though it was only 3 miles. Tomorrow I'll do 7 -- the first time I've done 7 in a VERY long time. I'm sure I'll be fine. Tonight I think I'm finally going to sit down and put a schedule together for a fall marathon. I need to get something written up -- look ahead to where I need to be at certain times during the summer and then just keep going. I'm on a good path right now.... I'm still a massive ball of flabby jiggle, but I hope in time it'll be all but a distant memory. How's that for positive thinking?????

Week TWO in Review...

....hey, that rhymes!

Week two was good -- overall I ran 20.25 miles, walked 3, did one spin class, and lifted one day. Ultimately I'd like to walk and lift more. I was 2.75 miles short of my goal mileage, but that's closer than I've been before!

My schedule for this coming week looks like this:
Sunday - rest
Monday - 3 miles
Tuesday - 7 miles & weights
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - spin or cross train & weights
Friday - 3-miles, possibly yoga
Saturday - 6 miles & weights

I still need to write up a solid training program so I don't just wing-it every week.... but so far, so good.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Treadmill Comeback

I think you all know how much I loathe the treadmill. Well, today the girls didn't have ballet due to a dance competition so I couldn't drop them and literally run. DH is working so I had to hit the Dreadmill or do nothing at all. I procrastinated until around 11:30 and then finally jumped on. I walked the first .25 for a warm up then put on a podcast - 137 bpm - and just ran to like jungle chanting music -- just beats. It was AWESOME. I could feel it pumping through my veins and down my legs. I felt like I was flying. Now, I'm still doing a big of scheduled walking just so I don't injure myself starting back after 7 months off running with 6 or so miles. I just can't have another injury so in order to get the distance in I'm running 6 minutes and then walking 90 seconds. It doesn't seem like much but mentally breaking things down in to 7-1/2 minute chunks seems to work for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to pipe up and say the treadmill isn't as bad of an option as it once was. I feel really great about myself today that I got my 6 miles in instead of moping around my house looking out the windows to the gorgeous day outside and feeling dejected because I couldn't be out in it.


Friday, April 25, 2008


I decided to post a brief history of my marathon running. I realized that some people don't know my past -- so here is a quick synopsis.

I started running after my first daughter was born - around December 1999. I'd run on and off through college and lost 45 lbs right after high school. I loved to rock climb and mtn bike so I was active. When I was dating my husband, we of course ate out a lot and I didn't get in as much exercise as I had been doing and my weight steadily increased. I was also really tired all of the time. I was eventually diagnosed with thyroid tumors. The biopsy came back inconclusive for cancer so we had to have it removed (nearly the entire thyroid) in 2000. I've struggled with my weight because of the thyroid condition for quite awhile -- thus, the marathon. I did my first marathon in June 2000 - Alaska -- It was exhilarating! I didn't do my second until May of 2003 after my second daughter was born. After that I started doing 2 a year, 3 a year -- 6 one year and so on and so on - I've done a total of 15 since 2000. I LOVE distance. I'm not a terribly fast runner but I have fairly good endurance.

In 2005 I started training for an ultra - 50K - and a week before the race (April 06)I came down with a nasty case of Achilles tendinitis that landed me in a cast -- yes, it was so bad my doctor put me in a cast so it wouldn't rupture as I walked through daily life. It was hard not running... but I eventually got back and did 3 marathons that year. 2007 was the worst year ever! It started off great... I ran the Yakima marathon but had some intermittent hip pain that slowed me down -- recovered from that, did a lot of biking and an endurance du, ran Hood to Coast and then fractured my leg at a boy scout camp fundraiser. Yes, not even running-related. I was off of running, biking, even the elliptical -- my doctor wanted me to do nothing weight-bearing and he's a running doctor so usually pretty lenient with how soon you can get back at it. I got depressed.... truly depressed and stopped just about everything. I think my running really keeps me mentally sound and without any physical activity I just fell in to a complete funk. I finally saw a doctor and got on a low dose anti-depressant. Still don't feel great, but better. I fractured my leg in September, a month before I was scheduled to run Chicago. Now, we all know what a disaster Chicago was, so that wasn't that big of a deal. I still went and saw my friends run and most finish. Mental illness runs strong in my family so I know it's 'real'. It's just hard to realize it when it's happening to you. I've been off of running now for 7 months. I want to be back where I could just pound out a marathon every month if I wanted too..... I just want the old 'me' back and I finally feel like I'm on the right path.


Friday - Unscheduled Rest Day

I'm going to let life get in the way of my 3-miler today. I just have too much on my plate. Amelia has her first dance competition starting this afternoon and I just have way too much work to do, not to mention getting all her costumes together and getting her there on time.

I'm also sore... not really bad, but enough that I think I'll just rest. I did a really vigorous spin class last night. A class I used to go to twice a week. The instructor wasn't there -- so the fitness director was teaching and had to leave 20 minutes early. She knew me and knew I knew what I was doing so she made me teach the last 20 minutes. It was fun and I think I had them sweating up a storm those last few minutes. I'm going to try to hit that class for cross-training every Thursday. Can't do the Tuesday classes anymore as the girls have dance that night. I'm going to try to get my second day of weights in on Saturday. I'll be one day of weights down this week... hey, but getting two out of the three in is better than I've done in months!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More crosstraining....

Found this article... and just wanted to link to it. It's really good!


... do I DARE go to a spin class today? GULP, I think I'm going to try. It's going to kick my butt, I know it, but I bet it'll be fun. I need to get my second day of weights in tonight too -- and then hoping the third will be Saturday. I'll have to drag the kids to the gym, but heck -- they haven't been there in ages, it'll do them good.

I have a TON of work to do today, so I can't sit here and just think and type -- kind of sucks that I can't just be, and that I have to actually think.

And yes, today I'll be getting that diet coke.... can't go TOO long without one!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm tired today -- dragging my butt tired. No caffeine today, so that might be it. It does NOT feel good to be this crazy tired. My work connection stopped on me today too, so I've been messing around with that and now I'm exhausted from nothing but rebooting my computer and fiddling around with drives and pinging my system.

I have 4 miles on tap today but feel like I should run more. I feel like a sloth. I didn't walk this AM and was going to but I slept in... guess it was a precursor for the day to come.

I need to sit down and REALLY plan out a schedule -- for the summer. It's going to be hard to get runs in with the girls off of school and DH working. I'm going to have to get REALLY creative to make sure everything can happen.

Decision that I need to make in the next hour: should I give in an buy a diet coke???? Might need one before I run! Is that counter productive?


EDIT: Yes, I got the 4 in. ALMOST did not. I got to dance and was asked by a friend to stay and watch her daughter... I did. So I didn't get out until 6:30 but I did get in my mileage. I had to ditch the weight workout - I'd had second thoughts about it anyway -- thinking I should have a day between weight workouts so I had kind of decided to do it Thursday instead of Wednesday. Looks like that will be the case.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday - update

... do I really need to update everyday? I'm sure whoever is reading is thinking no... maybe even hell no, but I think for my mind and my motivation I need to.

So last night as I was grinding out my 3ish on the TM after 9 pm, I started thinking, yet again, about doing more walking. Just to increase stamina and of course to burn calories so that I can be a thinner runner. LOL. I got up this AM earlier than usual and walked a brisk (15 minute mile) 3 miles. Yes, it took me 45 minutes, but I listed to Steve Runner and his podcast about the 1983 Boston Marathon and it was invigorating. I loved it so much I want to do it again... NOW... but I must work, so I must wait and do it again tomorrow morning. I still have my running to do tonight, but the walking was just nice, ya know? I'm going to keep a separate tally of the walking mileage rather than group it with my running. I still want to log the running mileage as runs. I'll update my running mileage tonight.

It's amazing how much better I feel every day.... really a refreshing cycle to be in.


I did get my 6-miler in and it felt great.... it gave me great hope that I'll be back in shape at some point in time... yes, vague, but I think it'll happen.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Steve Runner

I've just started listening to Steve Runner podcasts. I really like them. They're motivating. I'm going to look forward to running or walking and listening about him talk about running. Kind of weird, but it's like osmosis...... it all seeps in.

I got in my mileage today. Yeah, I ended up at 9:50, but so what. I did 1 mile at the track and then it got really cold, hailed and it was just torture for poor Quinn so I headed to the store with her instead. Much warmer!

Came home, fixed dinner for the family and after the kids went to bed, did another 3.25 on the TM with some sprints intermingled.

Weekly Mileage

Round Two

The start of another week.... it's going to be a busy one, but I'm learning again to not postpone my life - or my workouts just so I can fit something else in. I MUST take care of me. I'm not sure everyone will understand that, but for now, it's a must. I don't feel good about myself and I need to PUSH myself this week to make sure things get done.

Schedule for this week:
Monday - 4 miles. I have this scheduled for 6:15 PM @ the track provided it does not snow. If it does, I can't take Quinn there so I'll have to do it on the TM at home. OR, if Robb gets home in time, I can leave her with him and still hit the track.
Tuesday - 6-miles & weights @ 4:30 PM. Will do weights FIRST, then hit the road running... literally.
Wednesday - 4-miles & weights @ 4:30 PM-- same as above, weights then the run.
Thursday - cross-training day or rest. Would LOVE to hit spin or Zumba.
Friday - 3-miles @ 9:00 AM.
Saturday - 6-miles & weights -- not sure when on this one yet. Might have to get a babysitter or drop Quinn somewhere if Robb is working. Amelia has ballet so I can do it then.. just don't want to push Quinn that distance. 4 miles was brutal enough... but.. I suppose if that's the only way to get it in I will.
Sunday - rest day.

Goal Mileage - 23
Weights 3 times

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Week in Review

Well -- I didn't' make my mileage this week. I did better than ANY other week in the last 6 months though. A whoppin' 14.25 miles out of 22. I'm not sore though, so I think I can still get that distance in and be okay. Was a little worried at starting back out at that since I've been stagnant for so long.

I, again, learned yesterday that if I don't actually put down the TIME of day I'm going to exercise, it's not going to happen. During the time I wanted to workout I was talking to my mom on the phone. While it was a pleasant conversation, it didn't burn 700 calories. I did take the girls swimming last night and we goofed around for 1-1/2 in the pool, that was offset by cheese bread sticks however.

I guess all in all I'm on the right track with my workouts but not where I need or want to be at any rate. I'll need to sit down and write out a detailed schedule once I look at my calendar to see what's happening with like this next week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday's Incident

This is just one of those thrilling things that happen in life --

My friend Kristen and I were walking around the golf course while the girls danced yesterday and we heard an engine revving just up ahead off of a side road. We kept walking and then we saw him.... a younger guy (17ish) was racing through an intersection. He didn't make the turn and flew right in to the fence of the golf course -- the witnesses were guessing he was going about 40-45, way too fast for a 25. Anyway, Kristen and I were about 20 feet or so away from the site of impact. We called 911 as he frantically tried to back his car out. He finally got it out and sped away. Kristen got his license plate number and we reported it. Later I got a call from the police. They'd caught the kid. He was drunk (stupid boy!) and he was denying that he was even driving his car. Said he'd been asleep since 1 pm. The police said the car was warm to the touch, there were chain-link marks all across the front of the car, the muffler was hanging (we'd reported this) off the end of the vehicle and there was a spider mark in his windshield where his head had hit and apparently he had a wound on his head. Anyway, since the kid was denying everything they had to drive him over to dance and have Kristen and I identify him. I walked up to the car and it was definitely the boy we'd seen. That was enough for the police. They took him away and gave us the case number. Guess we'll have to go ID him in court if he doesn't take a plea bargain.

Just glad we're not a little faster walkers -- there would have been little to no time to react. Just goes to show you how fragile life is.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Scheduled for 10:30

I saw my nutritionist yesterday and one thing exercise-related that we talked about was the importance of a schedule. She wasn't talking about sitting down and just writing out what you wanted to do each day of the week for your workout. She was specifically talking about scheduling a TIME when you'd exercise. Today, my time is 10:30 for a short run. I have two hours to work, and then I'll be out the door for 4 miles. I'm also scheduling a walk for this afternoon while the girls are in dance @ 4:30 and at 5:30 I'll go lift weights (this one is contingent on Quinn though, need someone to watch her a bit at dance -- I'm sure I'll find someone). So there it is. Let's see how this works!

4 miles in the bank. Not a run, more of a walk/run with Markie in the jogger. Heather pushed 1/2 the time and I pushed the other. It is a REALLY hilly course so it's not disappointing at all to walk some. It's a workout. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself. Should be able to get another 2-4 miles in while the girls are dancing -- most probably just a walk and I'll run tomorrow again. Mojo, meet Shel!

Last Edit:
did 3.5 miles around the Madrona Golf Course -- scary story attached to this that I'll write up tomorrow.

Weekly Mileage: 14.25/22


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday Run Update

I actually DID get out for a run. Not as far as I'd planned, that's for sure, but I did get out. I only got 3.75 miles before I had to stop. My head was splitting and I just had to call it quits. I'm going to have to just admit defeat when I have a migraine. It's just too painful sometimes to run through it. I tried, and that's more than I could say for myself a month or so ago. So.... mileage still NOT on target for the week. We'll see where we go from here.

Today is Thursday. It's technically a rest/x-train day. More than likely I won't get anything significant in because there is a church activity I need to attend tonight and I need to get home and fold some laundry before that so we don't live out of laundry baskets our entire life.

Weekly Mileage

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ugh! Why Me?!

So I got up all excited about life and exercising and eating well. Got my day planned out and then BAM - Migraine hits. Why does this happen to me? I'm obviously going to skip my 3 mile hilly run I'd planned on doing. I'm still going to try to hit the mileage at the end of the day and opt for the 7 mile version instead of the 6 - possibly longer. I went and got a 44 oz diet coke and am currently swigging that down. My neck hurts and my fingers keep going numb. I'm old. I've decided this.... However, IMPOSSIBLE is my new favorite word so I'm going to keep a good outlook and not give up on the day. It's only 11:30 AM for heaven sakes!


Baby Steps

Well, yet again, I got sidetracked last night and didn't get to the gym. I'm SOOO thankful I went for that short run yesterday morning. I'm going to do that again today. I ended up doing payroll taxes that needed to be submitted online yesterday and I didn't think it'd take quite as long as it did. It was incredibly frustrating but it's done and that's all that matters.

I watched the Biggest Loser Finale last night and I've just got to say that those people were just so inspiring. ALL of them. I want some of that drive that they have. I feel like I used to have it and I'd like to find it again.

Jillian Michales, one of the trainers on BL said these powerful words last night:

Make IMPOSSIBLE your favorite word. Welcome to challenge; because when you bring your heart and your mind to your intention, there's nothing that you can't accomplish.

I LOVED that! That's my new motto! Thank you Jillian!

Today, I will get back out there and accomplish a run this morning and a run this evening. I'm determined to make my goal mileage this week. I might be sore as hell, but I'm going to do it. No more 'impossibles' to get in my way, because I love that other people can do it. I can be one of them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heading out....

Well, I ditched yesterday. DH got home from work late and I couldn't subject my little girl to the pouring rain at the track. Today - at this very moment - I'm dressed and heading out the door for a run. Just need to get my shoes on. Will do a hilly 3 miles and then tonight I'm aiming for 4 miles and then some weights. This should make up for yesterday. Still want to make my weekly mileage! Still not happy with the way I've been eating, but I guess that's a subject for another blog.

I ran! whoo hoo! This is the second time in four days. Actually a huge accomplishment for me. I think I have a bit of asthma or allergies still. It's really hard to breath sometimes and I really struggle for air. I did a hilly 3 hills up the quarry road. There are some really steep inclines so I walk them. Even at my best it was hard to run all the way up -- I could do it, but it was very difficult. Not too pleased with my time, but I'll take it 34:11. I know I used to do this route around a 9:30 pace which is good for the hills.


**Weekly Mileage 3/22

Monday, April 14, 2008

Where did the sun go?

Are you kidding me? It's raining again? I have to get some sort of a run in today and I'd love to do some bleacher work but it's raining and it's cold. Where in the world is summer? Saturday it was in the mid-80s -- today? 40s. Is it child abuse to keep a kid at the track while it's cold and wet? Ugh, does this mean I have to buck up and do a run on the treadmill? Oh, please let the rain stop and just let the sun come out for a few hours! Realistically I'm thinking it's going to be a TM run. Need to adjust my thinking to this and quickly so I don't bail out of my workout all together. I really, really wanted to make this week a success. Heavens knows I don't want to start Monday down a run!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Answer is YES!

I can STILL push Quinn in the jogger, and it's actually STILL fun! Did a slow 4 miles around Kitsap Lake with Quinn in the jogger and it was a workout! Pushing 50lbs and running (or walking) is a very tough job. We had a great time and it's refreshing that I still have the jogger as an option when there is nothing else I can do except for the treadmill. Still hate that thing!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fitness Friday

....or that's what I tell myself to call it. I have had a really busy morning and need to work. I'm not sure if this counts for work, probably not, so I can't be long.

Tonight I'm going to run while my girls are at dance. I may or may not get an opportunity tomorrow because DH will most likely be working, however, if he's not, I really want to run around Kitsap Lake. This is where it all started for me when I moved here. I ran around the lake, and at the beginning, I couldn't run up the hill. Time after time I went and finally got to the point where I could make it up the hill. I felt like Rocky at the top of the stairs.... hands up in triumph. I want to feel like that again. I wonder if I could get anyone to run that with me...... wonder if I could push Quinn in the jogger still????

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Alright, here goes nothing. In an attempt to motivate my sorry ass, I'm going to post my schedule of what I OUGHT to be doing. I'd like to adhere to it as much as possible, but as most parents know, especially us mothers, things get in the way and the best-laid plans are often scrapped for some other child-related activity.

Starting off with today:

Thursday: not so sure - I was going to spin but my house is a sty, my husband informed me of that, and I need to go pick up his pants from being altered.... have some cookies to bake too, so not sure what will happen today. I want SOMETHING to, though.
Friday: Longer run of some sort? 6-7 miles? Man, since when did THAT become long?
Saturday: Short run, weights possibly
Sunday: Rest

Now, I know I can at least do 2 of these four days.... Sunday as a rest day will be easy!

I'm also, starting tomorrow, going to journal my food intake. This will be mighty pathetic as I can't seem to get the sweet tooth under control. I'm going to be a blimp if I'm not really, really careful!

Endurance is not just physical.

I was thinking last night as I left my good friend Heather's house, that I should start this blog up again. But then I thought.... what have you done lately? Endurance-wise? Nothing came to my mind. I've had an incredibly tough year. I know now that I was depressed almost all of 2007. I have a family history of this and finally got some help towards the end of the year. I am much happier now, but that depression and some minor injuries have set me back to the point of no return..... or so I thought.

I had an epiphany last night.... isn't LIFE an endurance sport? I mean, think about it... just getting up everyday, getting your kids off to school, working, trying to get a workout in, dinner, grocery shopping, extra curricular activities... it's all endurance. Nothing to be ashamed of if you can't get in a workout or fall very far behind. I feel like something clicked last night. I can still be a marathoner, a duathlete, and an endurance QUEEN even if I haven't run more than 4 miles in the last 6 months. My immediate past does not negate my past history of races and where my heart lies, nor does it negate my future.

Here's to endurance.... of all kinds.

I'm back!