Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get a Map!

Well - even though that ride out on the bike sucked today - it did spur me to get on the trail tonight. So.... I decided to go out 30 minutes - 40 max. I parked my car, got my key tucked away and headed out with my cell phone. Hey - I know there's limited reception out there, but it still made me feel better to have it, although I couldn't get Pandora on it... dang!

Okay - so I head out.. .I run 30 minutes and think I'm close to my car. I head down the road the way I think I should go. I think I have my directional sense pretty well figured out. I get to the bottom of the road and I can't see the parking area. DANG - I've gone the wrong way. The other end of the road is 2.25 miles away. I start chugging along. That's okay - I'll be gone an hour. No biggie. I finally make it to the end that I'm sure the car is at and guess what? No car.... yeah, I was right the first time. The parking area was evidently over to the right and I went to the left and just missed it.

So, now I'm frustrated and know that the car is 2.25 miles away. I then ran into a couple with a map - NOTE TO SELF - GET A MAP! Anyway, I notice a trail that leads between the two ends of the road so if I take it I'll cut a significant amount of time off my trip back to the car. Anyway, I get through the trail and yeah, just as I suspected - there's my ride. Nice! So, 80 minutes later, I'm finally on my way. What a way to start back into running - an 80 minute trail run filled with frustration! It was fun though... can't wait to do it again - all but the lost thing.


Well - I'm either extremely out of shape or I'm just a bundle of nerves. I got on my bike today - first time since August of 2007 and it kicked my ass. I felt like I was literally going to vomit. I didn't make it far. Okay - I did 6 miles. That's it! I know I have a way to go to get back to where I was a couple years ago but, sheesh, this was ridiculous! Where the hell is that girl that can pump out marathons and 60+ mile rides????? I'm trying to dig her back up but it's a slow process!

Anyway, my plan is to do a walk/run on some trails tonight while my girls are at dance. I'm going to post back here tonight for accountability. Great - I'm accountable to a blog because I can't just do it on my own. Nice!

Anyway, I'm feeling good.... Thanks to my great friends for you support - virtual and otherwise!