Sunday, July 22, 2012


A friend told me about Bountiful Baskets a couple weeks ago.  After he picked up his first basket and told me what was in it I just had to try it for myself.  Well, yesterday was the day.  I drove to the pick up site and arrived just before 10 AM.  I got in line and when it was my turn to enter the warehouse to pick up my veggies and fruit I was amazed.  It was loaded with great organic produce - carrots, zucchini, summer squash, green beans, heirloom tomatoes, cantaloup, raspberries, green leaf lettuce, collards, cilantro, spinach, purple cabbage, plums... I added on Rainier Cherries and 5 loaves of organic 9-grain bread - each slice is only 65 calories, so that is a plus! This is the best kept secret ever!! I'm hooked!  Check out:

Legs of Steel!


I started out the night getting to the gym late... so I was just going to do a quick workout and then get home. I get there, walk in the door, and my new friend Sam say's -- "there she is!". So I walk over to the leg press where he and his friend are pushing 800+ pounds. Sam says "sit down and press this". Uhhh, are you sure? So I did. I rarely shy away from a challenge. Got 8 reps out of it. So his friend says he's going to put a total of TWENTY 45-pound plates on now... with the weight of the sled (103lbs) that's 1000 pounds. His friend Dave sits and gets 4 reps. I sit and get 4 reps and was a lot more controlled - we then do another round and both get 3 reps. We then lowered the weights to 540lbs and Dave says to sit and just rep to fatigue.... I got 20 reps. He got 10. OMG... I'm stoked. I was told tonight that I was the strongest woman they'd seen that wasn't on television. LOL I laughed so hard..... These guys really made me feel awesome tonight!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Few Years and a lot of Changes

I'm back! I was sitting at my computer tonight and I thought about my old blog. I love to write. I want to get back to journaling my workout and life experiences. I'm really not sure where to start, but to just get right back in... with both feet.

A move and some life changes have brought me to the sunny, hot state of Arizona. While it's completely different from Washington State, there is plenty of beauty here. It surrounds us everyday. The teddy-bear cactus, the beaver tail in bloom, the bunny rabbits running around the yard, a cool green patch of life in an other-wise desolate land. This place holds a place in my soul that I didn't know was there. The desert is brimming with beauty. You just need to take your blinders off.

I'm happy to be back... endurance is everything in life.