Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yakima River Marathon

I have to start this out by saying how wonderful Sherri, Becci and Heather did. I'm so proud of all of them and just get weapy when I think about the wonderful powerful women they are... mushy, I knowl. They just ROCKED!

Remember my high hip pain I posted about in the injury section? Well, it's back. Rolling Eyes I felt okay for the first part of the race but by mile 8 my hip was really nagging and was pretty painful so I had to slow my pace. Rolling Eyes First few miles were:
8:40 - mile 5
9:18 -- hip started shooting nice little jabbing pains that would radiate into my lower buttox and back. Fun, eh? Still, all the while I was having the best time of my life. I absolutely LOVE this course and am already planning my comeback next year. This was also the Maniac reunion so there were over 100 maniacs on the course. Just so fun to chat it up with everyone. AWESOME!
9:11 - mile 10
11:54 -- Mile 15 -- first REALLY large hill... had to walk a bunch of it.
9:18 -- so I decided not to kill myself and decided to walk when needed. Kept telling myself CHICAGO is priority and I don't want to run through too much pain -- still a little skiddish from the whole cast incident.
15:07 -- I walked a lot for four miles. Seriously I walked a lot and somewhere in these whole "walking miles" Sherri passed me like a whirl. WHOO HOO. She did fantastic and looked great. I was still having a friggin' ball. I have no idea why in the world I was such a happy camper today!
10:28 -- somewhere in this area my hip started feeling really good. I have no idea why -- just, like a switch I was able to really pick it back up. Yeah!
11:07 -- the other BIG hill -- I actually ran the ENTIRE thing. I felt so good and just kept going.

My finish time was like 4:35 -- I have no idea the "seconds" but I did sprint it in to the finish. So in the end I'm going to say this so far... out of 15 marathons... was my favorite ever. I just loved the course, the scenery was fantastic and just an overall joy to be out there even though I was stinking it up. However... it's MY marathon and MY time and I'm thrilled with it considering how bad the pain in my butt was....