Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pucker up, Father Time!


Another decade has fallen.  Father Time is stealing away the years before I get used to them.  I remember turning 30.  I-was-freaked-out!  I mean, who was I?  So many things in life hadn't been done.  I hadn't figured out who I was and there were so many things that I 'thought' I needed to resolve in my 20's that were left undone.  It was truly unsettling.  I remember some close friends saying their 30's weren't so bad after all.  They urged me to just embrace the new decade.  I slid into the new years cowering at what I might find.  I was timid.

My 30's have come and gone... as quickly as a feather blows away in the wind.  Were my 30's good to me?  No.  No, they were not.  I don't blame anyone but myself for the pain and anguish of that decade. Despite the trials and tribulations it was the decade I learned the most about myself.  Through the amazing process of self-discovery something awakened in me.  I became fierce.   One of my best friends recently used some words to describe me. Some of the following I've just learned recently about myself...  and some I realized at the beginning of the decade. This list describes who I am... who I've become and am still becoming.......

Warrior Goddess

I've forged some tremendous friendships in my 30's.  People have come and gone and some have stayed for the long haul.  The friends that have stayed mean the world to me.  I could not be this awesome without them.

As I embark on a new decade I'm bringing with it knowledge and courage to be who I know I am.  I am a mentally strong woman. I am a great mother, nurturing and caring.  I am, again, finding my passion for running and strength training.  I will not be stopped.   I will make my 40's be the best decade of my life.  I will be a force to be reckoned with... and nuclear force... a Daisy Cutter.

Father Time.... Kiss my firm, sexy, 40-year old ass!!  See ya in another 10 years, Old Man!