Wednesday, July 08, 2009

When you can't sleep.... BLOG.

Well, I'm WIDE awake. If it wasn't 11 PM I'd go for a walk.... oh well. The joy in this night is smelling a really smelly dog. What does he smell like? well, dog. He's snoring away on his little doggie bed on the floor. Good thing he has stopped trying to sleep on my bed seeing as I'm allergic to him and he gives me hives. Nice.... doggie.

My girls are with their dad right now... they have a 3-week stretch with him. We're half way through and I miss them like crazy. I miss their sweet hugs and their funny questions and even their bickering. It's too quiet - which is probably why I have trouble sleeping.

Anyway - exercise front: I biked a couple days last week. The first attempt went foul. I got my bike loaded up - drove in to Seattle so I could bike along the lake, got 1/2 mile from work and my rear tire went flat. AGAIN. It seems it was a pinch flat from when I had the new tires put on. It's weird it didn't go flat on my ride weeks ago. I think it was just waiting for me to really WANT to ride to flat on me. I tried again a couple days later and made it all the way from work, down to the lake, around Seward Park and back. It was a short ride - 13 miles or so - but I made it. I can't believe how out of shape I am. I can't keep making excuses. SERIOUSLY! I'm strong - I can do this - I WANT to be physically fit again - I need to be able to be there again.

I have my bike loaded up and ready to hit the road tomorrow too. Just need to get some sleep so I can actually get up in time to get a ride in before my work day begins.

The plan for this week is to ride tomorrow and then do 6 miles on Friday morning - it'll be a run/walk as I know I can't do the entire distance running right now. Again, I'm about where I was 5 years ago. All that hard work - gone - depressing. However, I've been here before and I know where I can get with some hard work. FOCUS - that's what I need.

Okay - I'm sitting here just watching Alton Brown soak corn... I'm sure if I just close my eyes I'll be able to envision something a lot more entertaining....

Off to dreamland, I hope.


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Anonymous said...

Oh Shel, I'm so sorry you've taken such a backslide. That sounds so crass...of course I don't mean it like that.

You'll get there. I know you will. Baby steps, mamas. You'll get there.