Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dead Widgets

Oh yeah - I know the widgets on the left are way out of date - I just keep trying to figure out what to replace them with. New goal race? Do I want to keep up with the online training log that I never use? Guess I just answered that one myself. So, I'm just going to be a slacker for a few more weeks... or a month. Stay tuned - one day they will all be updated and maybe on that day - I'll be back (said, of course, in the most Arnoldish of accents).




gene said...

good morning, fellow insomniac.
hang in there! you will become stronger (in MANY ways) as you move through this.
when i can't sleep, i name cities as i move through the alphabet. start w/USA, then world wide. rarely do i make it through both.

gene said...

hey, thanks for the post on my blog! keep on keepin' on!