Sunday, July 22, 2012

Legs of Steel!


I started out the night getting to the gym late... so I was just going to do a quick workout and then get home. I get there, walk in the door, and my new friend Sam say's -- "there she is!". So I walk over to the leg press where he and his friend are pushing 800+ pounds. Sam says "sit down and press this". Uhhh, are you sure? So I did. I rarely shy away from a challenge. Got 8 reps out of it. So his friend says he's going to put a total of TWENTY 45-pound plates on now... with the weight of the sled (103lbs) that's 1000 pounds. His friend Dave sits and gets 4 reps. I sit and get 4 reps and was a lot more controlled - we then do another round and both get 3 reps. We then lowered the weights to 540lbs and Dave says to sit and just rep to fatigue.... I got 20 reps. He got 10. OMG... I'm stoked. I was told tonight that I was the strongest woman they'd seen that wasn't on television. LOL I laughed so hard..... These guys really made me feel awesome tonight!

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